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Re-Roofs and External House Cleaning in Fordingbridge | When to Get Re-Roofing Work Done

Baird Property Services is a friendly and knowledgeable roofing company operating in Fordingbridge and throughout the New Forest area. From roof cleaning and external house cleaning to roofing surveys and beyond, our roofing contractors have many years of experience in various aspects of roofing, serving domestic, commercial and industrial clients. You can view our gallery page to see our work in action or contact us to ask any questions about the business.

As explained on the dedicated service page, there are key benefits to re-roofing your home. These include:

  • How the affordability of one re-roofing job is better than a series of cumulative roof repairs.

  • How it’s more cost-effective than installing a brand-new roof.

  • How the lack of required materials and labour makes the process quicker than a full roof installation.

  • How it’s more long-lasting than several small roof repairs.

Our roofing company offers a wide range of services, including roof appraisals, uPVC gutters and fascias, moss removal and new roof installations, such as GRP roofing, pitched roofs and more. Re-roofing remains one of the most popular and beneficial of our services. Some customers may wonder when it’s best to get any of the above services done during the year, so we would like to answer that question on this page.

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Seasonal Variation

An experienced roofing company like Baird Property Services can offer reliable year-round roofing and property maintenance to clients in Fordingbridge. But, it’s undeniable that certain times of the year are more optimal for re-roofing and our other services, such as roofing surveys, external house cleaning and roof cleaning. The time of year can be an important determining factor in the ease of the process and the final cost of the job.

Here’s a quick summary at a glance:

Spring – Spring is typically a quieter period for roofers. Weather conditions are mostly mild and don’t majorly affect re-roof work. Getting work done in spring is a great choice.

Summer – This is when weather conditions are ideal for this type of work, and it’s also typically quieter on the business front. Although, this is largely due to the fact that Fordingbridge residents are less likely to be conscious of any faults with their roofing in warmer temperatures.

Autumn – This is crunch time for a roofing company like us. Many homeowners sense winter's looming chill and rush to complete any potential roof repairs and roofing surveys. You’ll need to book a good amount of time in advance around this period to ensure your roof is seen to before winter.

Winter – In the roofing industry, this is widely considered the most challenging time of year for work but also the time when roofing emergencies are at their most detrimental. The low temperatures tend to cause roofing materials to freeze, harden and eventually crack. Re-roofing or other services such as external house cleaning and roof cleaning are least desirable during this time of year.


In case it wasn’t already apparent, the short answer to this question is that our roofing contractors will always recommend you get any re-roofing and other roofing work completed in the spring and summer months for the fastest and best quality results. Make the most of these periods but also remember that Baird Property Services is on hand for emergency roofing services and other property maintenance services throughout the year.

If you need a roof appraisal, maintenance work with your uPVC soffits and fascias, moss removal or new roof installations, such as GRP or pitched roofs, call us. One of our friendly team will be happy to discuss it all in detail according to your unique roofing needs.

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