Re-Roofing Services
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Re-Roof in St Leonards, Ringwood and Across the New Forest

Is your roof damaged and in need of repair? As part of our many services as a professional property maintenance and roofing company, Baird Property Services offers re-roofing to our clients in St Leonards, Ringwood and throughout the New Forest area. With over three decades of combined experience under our belts, we’re roofing experts who can work with roofs on all kinds of domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

Besides fixing your roof, we can also help clean it with intelligent roof cleaning equipment and accurately assess your roof’s condition with thorough roof surveys. Just like the roofs we work on, we like to stay on top of things for our many customers in the local area.

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The Value of Re-Roofing

If your roof has suffered damage, re-roofing isn’t always people’s first instinct. You may initially consider minor roof repairs, or in more serious cases; you may consider installing a completely new roof.

However, in our experience as a roofing company, we can tell you that the affordability and installation time of re-roofs is what sets it apart as a service. While it may be more expensive than one minor roof repair job, one re-roof can be cheaper overall than the sum of multiple roof repairs over a certain period of time and therefore be less hassle for you in the long run. Moreover, re-roofing is cheaper than installing a new roof and requires less materials and labour, making it quicker to complete.

Our Re-Roofing Service

We provide re-roofing for various roofing types. These include:

  • Flat Roofs

  • Pitched Roofs

  • EPDM Rubber Roofs

  • GRP Roofing

  • One-Ply, Two-Ply and Triple-Ply Roofs

  • Slate and Tile Roofing

  • Liquid Rubber Roofing

Please be aware, we currently don’t offer torch-on felt flat roofs.

Although there may be some subtle differences here or there, all our re-roofing typically follows the same processes. To get things started, we discuss the job with the client and provide them with a bespoke quote for the required work. Once this has been agreed on with the client, we can arrange when to begin work on your new and improved roof.

When we arrive on-site at your St Leonards or Ringwood property, we will put up scaffolding to reach the top of the building. We then remove any damaged tiles, felt and battens that need replacing. Next, we renew the roof with fresh felt, battens and tiles before adding side and ridge tiles, using cement to secure them in place. If required, we can also repair the roof’s chimney at this point (this will be an additional charge as part of your quote). Once all the new roof components have been properly fitted, we remove all waste from the site, and the job is complete.

As a professional roofing company, we adhere to all manufacturer warranties on materials and all our re-roofs come with an 8-year workmanship guarantee to give you added confidence in your investment.

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