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External House Cleaning and Roof Cleaning in Ringwood | Why You Should Choose Professional Roof Cleaning Services

Many people are conscious of keeping the inside of their property clean but can leave their roof neglected, despite its vital role in the building’s structure. Roof cleaning is an integral aspect of maintaining the condition of your property which is why Baird Property Services offers it to our clients in Ringwood and around the New Forest. In fact, it’s one of the specialist services we provide as a professional roofing company, along with external house cleaning, new roof installation, roofing surveys and re-roofs.

Although it can be tempting to treat cleaning your roof the same way you would clean the inside of your home, we would like to explain why hiring a professional roof cleaner is worth hiring instead of going DIY.

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Important Roof Cleaning Factors and Risks

As a professional roofing company with over three decades of combined experience in property maintenance across our team, we understand how tempting it can be to clean your roof by yourself. The core concepts of cleaning are universal and can be applied broadly to many things. However, just like our external house cleaning, gutter maintenance, re-roofs and roofing surveys, there are best practices that ensure the best results. It’s worth mentioning that roof cleaning can be affected by certain factors. These include:

  • Cleaning Materials

  • Weather

  • Cleaning Techniques

  • Safety Provisions

These are all things that our trained local roofers consider in all our work around roof inspections and cleaning for our Ringwood and New Forest clients. With these factors in mind, improper roof cleaning carries the following risks:

  • Heightened risk of roof damage. Using the wrong cleaning materials or techniques can greatly harm your roofing system, including your tiles, roof membrane or metal surfaces.

  • Risk to personal safety. Scaling a roof without proper roofer training and equipment puts you at serious risk of falling and major (if not fatal) injuries.

  • Voided warranties. Certain roofing systems require maintenance from a professional roofing company to honour certain manufacturer warranties. Attempting to clean the roof yourself may cause these protections to be voided.

  • Unsatisfying results. A professional roof cleaner is trained in effectively cleaning all kinds of roofs and the best techniques for each. Without this knowledge, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to achieve the refreshed look you hope to achieve, wasting your time and putting you at risk in the process.

Experienced Roof Cleaners

We hope that the above information proves a key point. For your safety and to guarantee the best results for roof cleaning, the only option is to hire a professional property maintenance and roofing company. Whether we’re cleaning roofs or treating our Ringwood customers to external house cleaning, roofing surveys or re-roofing, Baird Property Services is a reliable choice for your property. Our local roofers are well-versed and qualified in all the necessary aspects to clean your roof safely and effectively without putting you in harm’s way. If you have questions regarding our property and gutter maintenance, roof inspection and new roof installation services, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team today.

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